Styling Session

Paisley Raye Styling Session
New to Paisley Raye? Already in love with Paisley Raye? Just want more and MORE Paisley Raye? Host a private styling session with me and earn discounted and FREE Paisley Raye!

Now Booking Fall Paisley Raye Styling Sessions!

What do we do in a Paisley Raye Styling Session?

Styling sessions are fun, interactive 90 minute events held online or in person where we focus on core styles to kick your Paisley Raye wardrobe into high gear. We will share detailed styling tips focused on you and your guests so your styling session meets your individual fashion needs.
  • Headed to an office? We'll focus on workplace appropriate outfits.
  • On a weight loss journey? We'll focus on more size versatile pieces.
  • Is casual comfort your priority? We'll get down and dirty with the best casual style Paisley Raye has to offer.

Online events are typically a series of posts on my Facebook Page or in a private group with some live styling videos baked in. I don't like having to be tied to my computer to watch a 90 minute party and I'm sure you don't either! My styling sessions give you the freedom to come and go as you need to and still get the live styling experience! 

How do you book your own Paisley Raye Styling Session?

Booking your own Paisley Raye styling session is simple! Fill out the Styling Session Coordinator form  or reach out to us on Facebook Messenger and let us know you want a styling session. We'll find a date that is mutually convenient and get you on your way to earning discounted and free Paisley Raye. 

What do I get for hosting a private Paisley Raye Styling Session?

If you're willing to share your love of Paisley Raye and Just Be U Boutique with your friends, I'm gonna give you goods! Earn discounted and free Paisley Raye based on the total sales from your session. My minimum Styling Session Credit structure is pretty outstanding. I offer various incentives and bonus rewards throughout the year when you keep your original styling appointment and always have something special in store when your styling session reaches BONUS status!
Paisley Raye Styling Session
I can't wait to spend time with you and your friends talking all things fashion, fun and Paisley Raye! My available dates book quickly so get your date on the calendar today!