You WANT to come hang out in my Paisley Raye VIP

Yes, I sell clothes.  No secret there.  But do you know WHY I do what I do? I love getting to know wonderful people. I love that I have a community of like minded women who have so many things in common. Through my adventures in fashion, I have made life long friends, friends who started as customers or fellow consultants.  We have formed bonds over common interests and now share the excitement of our lives together.  It's pretty cool and it all started with a necklace, a bra or a dress.  Go figure LOL

When you join my VIP group, you're going to see lots about Paisley Raye because, well, that's kind of a thing. More than that, though, you're going to find a camaraderie, things that help you get through your week, tips to make life a little more awesome.  Today I'm launching my "official" schedule of events for each week. Food, pets, books, fashion.  It all goes into making you YOU. That's kinda my thing, you know...Just Be U.

Come and visit. Stay for a chat. Have a cup of coffee with me on the weekends. Let's hang out together in our amazing Paisley Raye!! Thanks for being interested in my world. I'm excited to learn more about yours <3 

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