The Paisley Raye Maxi is AWESOME!

Maxi Skirt Styling Ideas

The Paisley Raye Maxi Skirt is the very BEST maxi skirt on the market...hands down.  I'm biased, true story.  That said, I've been in nearly every maxi skirt on the direct sales market because it's a go to staple piece for me.  I think a good maxi skirt can really take your wardrobe places. Ladies, this piece has changed my thinking on what makes an amazing maxi. Paisley Raye makes the most amazing maxi!

Why I LOVE the Paisley Raye Maxi

  • They're soooooo soft. Made from high quality luxe knit, you'll never want to take it off!
  • They're designed well. It's not just a tube. The Paisley Raye Maxi has an amazing, flattering shape
  • The 10" top band allows for tons of flexibility in wear...including some of my favorite hacks. Think tops, dresses, short skirts, babydoll tops. So many possibilities!
  • I don't have to shave my legs if I don't wanna ROFL #truth

Paisley Raye Maxi Wait, did you catch that? Tops ...dresses ...babydolls ...shorter skirts?  How??  I'm gonna show ya!  Check out my styling session on/from Wednesday, August 22 in my Paisley Raye Lovers Community on Facebook.  I'll be sharing several different styling hacks and teach you how to turn your Paisley Raye Maxi into so much more!

All Paisley Raye Maxi purchases made on Just Be U Boutique before August 23 will receive a FREE Maxi Hack tool that will make styling your Paisley Raye Maxi into so many different pieces so much easier!

Come, check out the video, share pics of how you hack your Paisley Raye Maxi! 

Paisley Raye Maxi

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