Paisley Raye Poppy Dress for Fall

Fall 2018 Paisley Raye Paisley Raye Fall Fashion Paisley Raye Poppy

Paisley Raye PoppyI'm going to say this until the whole world hears me.  The Paisley Raye Poppy Dress is the best dress on earth!! It's just not possible for me to count all the ways I love this awesome swing dress. The a-line style creates a flattering, feminine fit on women of all shapes and sizes. It doesn't hang like a tent.  You don't have to tie it 16 different ways to get it to look good. It's not too short. It's not too long.  This dress is simple perfection!

As we move into cooler weather, the Paisley Raye Poppy will come along nicely for the ride.  With her 10 inch sleeve, she's already got a little more coverage than your typical short sleeved top. Add a Paisley Raye Cosmo Cardigan for the perfect arm coverage.
Paisley Raye PoppyWorried about some cold legs? Pop your Paisley Raye Poppy Dress on with your favorite pair of Paisley Raye Pixie Pants and you've got a winning outfit!

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