Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress for Fall

Fall 2018 Paisley Raye Paisley Raye Fall Fashion Paisley Raye Petunia

Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap DressHello there Petunia, my love!  The Paisley Raye Petunia is sooooo good, ladies, so good. It's a real, honest to goodness wrap dress.  It has straps you get to feed and tie around your waist to get the perfect fit for your body. Again, it's fashion done right and it's only done by Paisley Raye!

The Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress is the perfect piece to bring into fall.  The 3/4 length sleeves are perfect for cooler weather. The Paisley Raye Criss Cross Cami adds an extra layer for warmth, modesty or both. With all of the incredible print options, this piece is a great go to this fall.
Paisley Raye PetuniaI've been holding out on your a little bit and I feel bad for that. My favorite way to wear this awesome Paisley Raye Petunia Wrap Dress is not actually as a dress.  No, my favorite way to wear this dress is as a cardigan.  Yes...a cardigan!  Another reason to love Paisley Raye is for the incredible versatility. Because this is a true wrap dress, you can tie those straps up inside the dress and wear this beauty as a cardigan.  I have a video posted in my Paisley Raye Lovers Community that shows exactly how to make it happen. Go check it out!

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