Let's get some versatile sizing with the Paisley Raye Plumeria Tee!

Plumeria Cold Shoulder Tee Styling Ideas

Paisley Raye PlumeriaThe Paisley Raye Plumeria Cold Shoulder Tee is back in stock in all sizes and girls, this is a VERY exciting thing!  The cold shoulder and butterfly sleeve are so super in style...of course! The colors...stop it right now! But what's most exciting to me is the incredible versatility of the Plumeria in its sizing!


Paisley Raye Plumeria

Fact, there is nothing fancy about this sizing photo.  I really want you to see how the fit changes with the sizing of this amazing Paisley Raye top.  My preferred size is a Medium.  See me up there in the top right? That's the size I would gravitate to on a regular basis.  I would wear ANY of these sizes, though.  There's so much possibility in each one because of the amazing knit fabric and incredible design that, once again, Paisley Raye has a BIG win in the design category.  

So what changes as you adjust your size?  Notice how the length changes with each one.  Barely to the top of my palm on the XS and almos to my fingertips with the 0X.  The width changes as well.  In the XS it is pretty tight to my bust where in the 0X it's pretty loose.  Each option gives new styling possibilities!

Paisley Raye PlumeriaThis right here is little ol' me in a 0X Plumeria, tied at the side.  Fun, isn't it? Knowing that I can pick up just about any size if I find a pattern I love, makes me super excited to add more an more Paisley Raye Plumerias to my closet!

Want some more amazing styling ideas? Join my Just Be U Boutique Paisley Raye Lovers Community Group over on Facebook. We share lots of great styling ideas on the regular!

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