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Back To U 10 Day Reset ChallengeLife sure does have a way of getting crazy. If you're not careful, you find that you've lost focus on the things that make you...U.  It happens.  When it does, we need to focus on getting back on track and making sure we focus on the things that make us happy.  If you're not good to yourself, you're not going to be good to anybody else!

We've been chatting about crazy life stuff over in our Paisley Raye Lovers Community. Since I was. I going to set myself out on a 10 day mental reset, I wanted to share with all of you so we can head down this amazing reset journey together. After all, everything is more enjoyable with friends!

To help us on our journey, I've created a Back To U 10 Day Reset Challenge printable that you can download right from our no cost, of course!  Just add it to your cart and checkout. Download it. Print it. Put it on the fridge. Stick it in your planner. Follow along for 10 days of focus on U!

Each day has a goal of 5 things...water, reading, tech free, me, and a little something extra.  Do what you can and don't stress over what you can't.  Mark off your accomplishments each day and at the end of the 10 days, do something nice for buy yourself a new piece of Paisley Raye!!

On Day 1, we set our goals and get ready for the 10 days.  Below is how I'm going to focus myself for the challenge. I hope a little benefit comes to you and helps you reset your focus away from the crazy.  If you're joining the challenge, tell me about it! Join us in our Paisley Raye Lovers Community and let us know how it went or leave us a comment below <3

Daily Water Intake - What works for you? I'm no doctor and there are a gagillion different recommendations out there in the stratosphere. Write down YOUR goal. Want to replace a soda with a water? Drink a little less coffee {gasp!} and more water? Define YOUR goal and write it down.

Reading List - What's on the docket? Have a book you've been putting off reading? Not into books...that's ok! Snag some favorite magazines or a daily newspaper. Personally, I really love to read cookbooks so there's gonna be a new one on my list. Write it down and get it ready. Do a little bit of reading every single day.

Me Time Faves - This is my favorite one and I'm sure I didn't make a big enough box to write down all the things I love to do that I just-don't-make-time-for. Write down the things you love that you can achieve in small chunks. Vacationing in the Alps may not be achievable in these 10 day...or maybe in can...U do U.  My list is going to include taking a walk, getting crafty and cooking a fancy meal (as in something with more than 3 ingredients and no microwave involved). Write down the things you love and focus on getting a little bit of one of those in each day.  Don't stress over it. If Me Time involves reading a can kick those two birds with one activity.  That's cool.  This is about U!

30 Minutes Tech Free - Every-Single-Day we need to disconnect from technology. Put down the phone. Turn off the TV. Close the laptop. It's 30 minutes. We won't least I don't think we does make me shake a little just thinking about it!

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