DIY Face and Shower Set

I shared with my Community Group today that I love to DIY holiday gifts. Not all gifts of course. Paisley Raye makes the best gift...but sometimes you need something personal, special, and totally unique.

I put this little DIY gift together with my bestie in mind. We have been on a journey to get rid of all the toxic chemicals in our lives. I put together a special face wash, shower steamer, and DIY facial set so she can have a spa experience, toxic chemical-free everyday.
Inside my little spa gift is a bottle of argan oil (my new favorite face moisturizer), DIY face wash, DIY shower steamers, a rose quartz facial roller and pretty headband. I've created a homemade gift board on Pinterest where you can go find your favorite recipe for DIY face wash and shower steamers. The facial roller came from Amazon. I can hook you up with a very pretty headband to go in your DIY spa basket for your bestie!
I would be remiss if I didn't suggest also giving your bestie a lovely Paisley Raye Tulip Tee to go with her amazing Spa experience! I hope this quick little idea has inspired you to try a special DIY spa gift for someone you love.

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