Are you a Loyalty Rewards member? You should be!

I absolutely LOVE my loyal customers.  You guys are amazeballs!  Because you support me, I do my best to support YOU!  When you become a Loyalty Rewards member, you start to earn special, exclusive discounts.  Fill 1 card, turn it in to get 25% off your next purchase.  Save your cards and earn 50%, 75% or FREE Paisley Raye from me!  

Tell me more!!  How, how HOW do I become a Loyalty Rewards member? It's EASY!  When you purchase regularly priced Paisley Raye from Just Be U Boutique, you're automatically enrolled!  The best part, though, is your special invitation to an exclusive email list that allows you first access to new products, special gifts and lots of other random goodies.  Check your email!  Don't have an invite and think you should? Reach out to me and I'll get one to you!  I send out goodies and offers that are EXCLUSIVE to my Loyalty Rewards members.  You wanna be on that list ;)

Let me spoil you!  Become a member of Loyalty Rewards and start earning discounts today!

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